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  2. A little something I wrote on the brief cartoon life of Lauren Bacall.

  3. Listen to Wheaties and eat Mousketeer Records! “The Chicago Tribune,” May 3, 1956.

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    Disney Phone BackgroundsThe Sword in the Stone (1/4)

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    "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse": one of my personal favorite Tom and Jerry shorts!

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  6. Opening day ad for Walt Disney’s ONE HUNDRED AND ONE DALMATIANS. “Chicago Tribune,” February 10, 1961.

  7. Original album cover from Walt Diesney’s Saludos Amigos.

  8. Sing-along with The Jetsons.

  9. An unholy union.

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    One that maintains a conversation record.




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    Lady and the Tramp (1955) - Morning Routine

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  13. After a long day at the office what better way is there to unwind than with a pack of smokes and a “Mickey Mouse” comic.

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    Comic book character Archie Andrews is being killed off this month.

    Bob Montana created the Archie comic book series in 1941. ”The Archie Show” cartoon debuted on CBS in 1968. The characters play in a pop rock band called The Archies, which produced a real-life hit single: ”Sugar, Sugar” hit No. 1 in 1969.

    According to Wikipedia:

    A typical episode started with the first Archie story, introduced by Archie and occasionally a different character. Next was a “dance of the week” segment starting with a teaser, then after the commercial break Archie introduced the dance, followed by the song of the week performed by The Archies. After that was a short joke followed by the 2nd Archie story. 

    "The Archie Show" was the first Saturday morning cartoon to feature a laugh track. It lasted only one season, with 17 half-hour episodes at the end of its run, but the franchise continued for years in various formats. Later incarnations included an hour-long program, a show with live-action kids, a series in which the characters run a TV station and several other incarnations.

    Most episodes were repurposed for syndication in 1976 under the title “The Archies.” The Family Channel later aired reruns in a half-hour format as “The Archie and Sabrina Surprise Package.” Retro Television Network aired reruns beginning in 2010.

    Source: Wikipedia (The Archie Show)

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    Walter Lantz with his most famous creation Woody Woodpecker

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