1. Peanuts for a Ford.

  2. anonus:

    A bunch of lettering from “Rabbit Seasoning.” Did Daffy paint that all himself? He’s quite the versatile letterer!

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  3. smindersonfan:

    Remember the time Wyle E. Coyote was on Night Court?

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  4. Trade ad for Bob Clampett’s THUNDERBOLT (THE WONDER COLT).

  5. The incomparable, SHAMUS CULHANE! “The Radio Annual and Television Yearbook,” 1953.

  6. MEET YOUR HEROES IN PERSON! “Chicago Tribune,” November 21, 1986.

  7. Yogi Bear and Scooby-Doo for WORLDVISION, 1983.

  8. Jay Ward Rogues Gallery.

  9. Popeye for Parker Brothers. Nintendo, 1983.

  10. Newspaper ad for the opening of CINDERELLA with Clarence ‘Ducky’ Nash in person! “The Chicago Tribune,” 2-22-50.

  11. Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy for the Fisher-Price Movie Viewer, 1972.


  12. Anonymous said: Who was your first crush?


    …………….Huckleberry Hound…….

    when i was like 4.

  13. Trade ad for Max Fleischer’s OUT OF THE INKWELL cartoons.

  14. Poster for Dave Fleischer’s MUSICAL MOUNTAINEERS starring Betty Boop, 1939.

  15. Animated KAL KAN DOG FOOD commercial. “Broadcasting Telecasting,” 10-19-59.